State Nursery Landscape Problem Solving Exam 2001

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.



Adding the stairs to your deck can be the most difficult part of the project. For exterior stairs, a rise between 6" and 8" and a run between 10" and 13", for each step, is usually acceptable.

If the height from the deck surface to the ground where the stairway ends is 28" and the length from the edge of the deck to the point where the stairway ends is 45", what will be the rise and run of each step if you build four steps?
5” rise and 10 ½” run
7” rise and 11 ¼” run
6” rise and 10 ¾” run
8” rise and 12 ½” run


Dry rock walls are constructed without benefit of any cementing substance. The photo shows a top wall; 3 foot high and 20 foot long dry stack wall and a bottom dry stack wall of 2 foot high and 30 foot long of Tennessee fieldstone.

The secret to the construction of a sound dry wall is building the face of the wall at such an angle that the soil behind will support the weight of the wall, while the weight of the rock will keep the soil in its proper place.  The angle of the front of the wall is known as the batter.   The minimum batter of a dry rock wall is 2” of lean for each 1’ in height. 
What should be the top wall’s batter?

A 1’ high and 10’ long section of wall requires 1 ton of Tennessee fieldstone, How much rock was needed to build the top wall?

2” Batter,  6  tons Tennessee Field Stone
4” Batter,  4  tons Tennessee Field Stone
6” Batter,  6 tons Tennessee Field Stone
8” Batter,  4  tons Tennessee Field Stone



Measure Pond Dimensions – Measure the maximum width and length of the pond; then determine the smallest rectangle that would enclose the pond area.

Calculate the liner – To allow for pond depth, decide on the maximum depth of the pond, double it, and add this figure to the width and length of the rectangle.

Formula:  Depth of pond x 2 + maximum width
                 Depth of pond x 2 + maximum length

What size liner would you need for a pond that will fit into a 14’ wide x 16’ long area and will be dug 30” deep?
18’ x 20’ liner
20’ x 22’ liner
19’ x 21’ liner
21’ x 23’ liner


Use the given formula to estimate the number of cement blocks (8 x 8 x 16) you will need to build a foundation wall 24 foot long and 2 foot high a foundation wall.

1.  Height of wall  x 1 ½  = number of courses
2.  Length of wall  x  ¾  = number of blocks in each course
3.  Number of courses x blocks per course = number of blocks
24 blocks
54 blocks
38 blocks
62 blocks


A yard of concrete is the amount that will fill one cubic yard of space.  Calculate the amount of concrete to order for a 12’ x 20’ patio poured 4 inch thick.

Formula:  Width (in feet) x Length (in feet) x Thickness (in feet)  divided by 27 = number of cubic yards

In this case, the amount of concrete you would need to order would be:
1 yards
3 yards
2 yards
4 yards

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