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  Area Officers
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Area 1 Officers      
( Top L to R)
            Madison Christol, Amara White, Case Winkler, Elhana Kelly, Katie Bowen
(Bottom L to R)
            Meaghan Bybee, Cody Byess, Emma Long
President: Cody Byess
Vice President: Elhana Kelly
Secretary: Madison Christol
Treasurer: Meaghan Bybee
Reporter: Case Winkler
Sentinel: Amara White
Jr. Representative: Emma Long
Jr. Representative: Katie Bowen

Area 2 Officers      
(Top L to R)
Hannah Watkins, Jessica Brogdon, Tanner Graves, Emma Newberry, Kellie Smith

(Bottom L to R)
Emma Ollis, Cory Yarbrough, Payton Jackson
President: Cory Yarbrough
Vice President: Jessica Brogdon
Secretary: Hannah Watkins
Treasurer: Emma Newberry
Reporter: Kellie Smith
Sentinel: Tanner Graves
Jr. Representative: Emma Ollis
Jr. Representative: Payton Jackson

Area 3 Officers      
(Top L to R)
            Logan Thornton, Will Bostelman, Beau Bradley, Hayden Roberts, Olivia Claire Wilkie

(Bottom L to R)
            Lizzy Parks, Bryce Roland, Nola McAllister
President: Bryce Roland
Vice President: Lizzy Parks
Secretary: Will Bostelman
Treasurer: Olivia Claire Wilkie
Reporter: Hayden Roberts
Sentinel: Logan Thornton
Jr. Representative: Beau Bradley
Jr. Representative: Nola McAllister

Area 4 Officers      
(Top L to R)
             Sarah Grace Hunter, Chloe Lynch, Ethan Fields, Lauren Wheel, Gracie Wright

(Bottom L to R)
Katlyn Davis, Brittany Braddy, Ali Bennett
President: Brittany Braddy
Vice President: Chloe Lynch
Secretary: Alison Bennett
Treasurer: Lauren Wheeler
Reporter: Gracie Wright
Sentinel: Ethan Fields
Jr. Representative: Katlyn Davis, South Effingham
Jr. Representative: Sarah Grace Hunter

Area 5 Officers      
(Top L to R)
             Hannah Craven, Brentley Odom, Gage Nichols, Carson Deal, Ivey Cook

(Bottom L to R)
             Javier Duarte, Kirk Beacham, Hayden Maxwell
President: Kirk Beacham
Vice President: Ivey Cook
Secretary: Carson Deal
Treasurer: Brentley Odom
Reporter: Hayden Maxwell
Sentinel: Javier Duarte
Jr. Representative: Hannah Craven
Jr. Representative: Gage Nichols

Area 6 Officers      
(Top L to R)
             Cason Howard, Luke Nichols, Conway McNeil, Dawson Adams, Brycen Lee

(Bottom L to R)
 Mattie Davis, Clay Parker, Rose Coleman
President: Clay Parker
Vice President: Mattie Davis
Secretary: Brycen Lee
Treasurer: Conway McNeil
Reporter: Dawson Adams
Sentinel: Cason Howard
Jr. Representative: Luke Nichols
Jr. Representative: Rose Coleman

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