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Agricultural Communications – E/P

2nd Place - Iren Igbere (Arabia Mountain) 

1st Place - Emmalee Richardson (Newton CCA)

3rd Place - Austin Weaver (Berrien County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Cooperative Council

Agricultural Education – E/P

2nd Place - Christa Anderson (Franklin County)

3rd Place - Darien Ball (Berrien County)

1st Place - Jake Harris (Harris County)

Sponsored By: One Less Thing and Georgia FFA Foundation

Agricultural Mechanics Fabrication & Design – E/P

1st Place - William Burdette (Madison County)

2nd Place - April Carroll (Tift County)

3rd Place - Stormy Knight (Toombs County)

Sponsored By: Carry-On Trailer

Agricultural Mech Repair & Maint. – Entrepreneurship

2nd Place - Joshua Canup (Oconee County)

1st Place - Chandler Collier (Lincolnton)

Sponsored By: Kubota Manufacturing of America & Kubota Industrial Equipment

Agricultural Mech Repair & Maint. – Placement

3rd Place - Jesse Little (Jones County)

2nd Place - Daniel Phillips (Newton CCA)

1st Place - Brandon Smith (Lee County)

Sponsored By: Yancey Bros. Company

Agricultural Processing – E/P

1st Place - Justin McClain (Habersham Central)

3rd Place - Lauren Wheeler (East Laurens)

2nd Place - Lindsey White (Jeff Davis)

Sponsored By: Golden Peanut & Tree Nuts

Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

2nd Place - Alana G. Atkinson (Coffee County)

1st Place - Will Bostelman (Harris County)

3rd Place - Andrew Seitz (Fannin County)

Sponsored By: Walton EMC

Agricultural Sales – Placement

3rd Place - Youry Gonzalez (Claxton)

1st Place - William Harris (Wilcox County)

2nd Place - Andrew Massey (Eastside)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Agricultural Services – E/P

3rd Place - Will Brown (West Laurens)

1st Place - Tyler Ertzberger (Franklin County)

2nd Place - Owen Paulk (Irwin County)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Agricultural Research – Animal Systems

2nd Place - Emily Loveless (Rockmart)

1st Place - Lauren Moyer (Dutchtown)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Agricultural Research – Integrated Systems

1st Place - Courtney Cameron (Lowndes County)

3rd Place - Tamara English (Dutchtown)

2nd Place - Marin Lonnee (Oconee County)

Sponsored By: Titan/Goodyear Farm Tires

Agricultural Research – Plant Systems

3rd Place - Mia Crider (Chattooga County)

1st Place - Levi Herring (Lowndes County)

2nd Place - Jayden Hodnett (Ridgeland)

Sponsored By: Golden Peanut & Tree Nuts

Beef Production – E

2nd Place - Reese Johnson (Berrien County)

3rd Place - Eli Smallwood (Jasper County)

1st Place - Will Woodard (Morgan County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation

Beef Production – P

1st Place - Chris Collier (Stephens County)

2nd Place - Colt Henderson (Ware County)

3rd Place - Wyatt Sheppard (Screven County)

Sponsored By: Godfrey's Feed

Dairy Production – E

2nd Place - Brylie Handy (Jefferson County)

1st Place - Katie Peppers (Lee County)

3rd Place - Rainey Smith (Oglethorpe County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation

Dairy Production - P

2nd Place - Javier Duarte (Brooks County)

3rd Place - Megan Kerr (Union County)

1st Place - Charles Martin (Thomson)

Sponsored By: Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Foundation

Diversified Agricultural Production – E/P

1st Place - Brittany Braddy (Montgomery County)

2nd Place - Rob Cox (Dawson County)

3rd Place - William Waters (Jeff Davis)

Sponsored By: Crop Production Services

Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

1st Place - Joseph Lawhorn (Miller County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Soybean Commodity Commission

Diversified Crop Production – Placement

3rd Place - Blake Adams (Jeff Davis)

1st Place - Wilson Boyd (Screven County)

2nd Place - Caleb Carr (Sonoraville)

Sponsored By: Georgia Plant Food Educational Society, Inc.

Diversified Horticulture – E/P

3rd Place - Hadden Powell (Bleckley County)

2nd Place - Kara Vaughn (Coffee County)

1st Place - Kristen Makayla West (Madison County)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Diversified Livestock Production – E/P

3rd Place - Cassie Chambers (Jones County)

1st Place - Trevor Ross (Lowndes County)

2nd Place - Owen Williams (Calhoun City)

Sponsored By: Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Environmental Science & Natural Resources Management- E/P

2nd Place - Madison Christol (Chattooga County)

1st Place - Brentley Odom (Thomas County Central)

3rd Place - Sara Strickland (Camden County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Pecan Commission

Equine Science – E

1st Place - Rhine Brady (White County)

3rd Place - Mallory Parrot (Harris County)

2nd Place - Cody Waldschlager (Tift County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Equine Commodity Commission

Equine Science – P

1st Place - Meaghan Bybee (Cambridge)

3rd Place - Christian Cozart (Harlem)

2nd Place - Jordan Hall (Colquitt County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Equine Commodity Commission

Fiber & Oil Crop Production E/P

2nd Place - Austin Beard (Effingham County)

1st Place - Luke Gwines (Worth County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Cotton Commission

Food & Science Technology – E/P

2nd Place - Skylar Holle (Northside)

1st Place - Grace McClain (Habersham 9th Grade)

3rd Place - Breon Nichols (Tift County)

Sponsored By: Birdsong Peanuts

Forage Production – E/P

3rd Place - Wade Howell (Cook County)

2nd Place - Noah Malcolm (Eastside)

1st Place - Logan Thornton (Jones County)

Sponsored By: Georgia FFA Foundation

Forest Management & Products – E/P

3rd Place - Amber Dalton (White County)

1st Place - Curtis Jackson (Jones County)

2nd Place - Zackery Ussery (Jeff Davis)

Sponsored By: The Twilley Lands/Jim & Sandra East

Fruit Production – E/P

3rd Place - Amanda Futch (Gilmer County)

1st Place - Nolan Haley (Jeff Davis)

2nd Place - Conner McDonald (Calhoun City)

Sponsored By: Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Foundation and Sutherland's Foodservice, Inc.

Goat Production – E/P

2nd Place - Dawson Adams (Coffee County)

3rd Place - John Gore (Putnam County)

1st Place - Kylie Whitworth (Madison County)

Sponsored By: Georgia FFA Foundation

Grain Production – Placement

1st Place - Ethan Bragg (Screven County)

2nd Place - Brady Carney (Calhoun City)

3rd Place - Collin Curry (Berrien County)

Sponsored By: Titan/Goodyear Farm Tires

Home and/or Community Development – E/P

3rd Place - Grayson Bradley (Piedmont Academy)

1st Place - Aaron Chester (Camden County)

2nd Place - Justin Stone (Newton CCA)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Landscape Management – E/P

1st Place - Will Kellum (Jefferson City)

3rd Place - Nathan Stainback (Tift County)

2nd Place - Jackie Swaringim (Toombs County)

Sponsored By: Georgia's Ag Tag Sales

Nursery Operations – E/P

2nd Place - Nathan Gober (Rutland)

1st Place - Kirei Parks (Tift County)

3rd Place - Darby Pierce (Lee County)

Sponsored By: Atlas Manufacturing, Inc. and McCorkle Nursuries

Outdoor Recreation – E/P

1st Place - Kylie Bruce (Franklin County)

2nd Place - Mary Grace Harbin (Colquitt County)

3rd Place - Anne Marie Hildebrant (Piedmont Academy)

Sponsored By: Yamaha Motor Corp. USA

Poultry Production – E/P

2nd Place - Dylan Dent (Wayne County)

3rd Place - McKenzie Perkins (Southeast Bulloch)

1st Place - Logan Stovall (Stephens County)

Sponsored By: Fieldale Farms Corporation

Sheep Production – E/P

1st Place - Caroline Burke (Screven County)

3rd Place - Lindsey Herrin (Cook County)

2nd Place - Hannabeth Richardson (Newton CCA)

Sponsored By: Titan/Goodyear Farm Tires

Small Animal Production & Care – E/P

3rd Place - Grace Fabio (Cambridge)

1st Place - Libba Johnson (Colquitt County)

2nd Place - Alyssa Lincoln (Islands)

Sponsored By: Georgia FFA Foundation

Specialty Animal Production – E/P

1st Place - Kellie Smith (Franklin County)

3rd Place - Josef Steinseifer (Burke County)

2nd Place - Mary Tostenson (Colquitt County)

Sponsored By: Titan/Goodyear Farm Tires

Specialty Crop Production – E/P

2nd Place - Leana Atkinson (Coffee County

3rd Place - Clayton Bing (Jackson County)

1st Place - Joseph Davis (Berrien County)

Sponsored By: Golden Peanut & Tree Nuts

Swine Production – E

2nd Place - Fallon Cawthon (Franklin County)

1st Place - Jacob Clary (Wayne County)

3rd Place - Summer Steele (Pike County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Pork Producers Association

Swine Production – P

1st Place - Shaina Flowers (Brantley County)

3rd Place - Lorren Herndon (Toombs County)

2nd Place - Gracy Sexton (Sonoraville)

Sponsored By: Georgia Bred Show Pig Association & Georgia Swine Boosters

Turf Grass Management – E/P

3rd Place - Austyn Hopkins (Cedartown)

2nd Place - Jacob Oglesby (Jenkins County)

1st Place - Carter Ring (Tift County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Crop Improvement Association

Vegetable Production – E/P

2nd Place - Chloe Haggard (Morgan County)

1st Place - Isaac Lanier (Berrien County)

3rd Place - Jimmy Peavey (Twiggs County)

Sponsored By: Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Foundation and Sutherland's Foodservice, Inc.

Veterinary Science –E/P

1st Place - Victoria Blaisdell (Brantley County)

2nd Place - David Duncan (Rockdale Career Academy)

3rd Place - Alyssa Kent (Harlem)

Sponsored By: Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Foundation

Wildlife Management – E/P

3rd Place - Dylan Dansby (Tattnall County)

1st Place - Garrett Griner (Colquitt County)

2nd Place - Bryan Skelton (Habersham Central)

Sponsored By: --

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