Forest Insects-Georgia Forestry CDE

Developed by Georgia Agriculture Education Curriculum Office

Match the picture of the forest insect on the left to the name of the insect on the right.

cicada edited.jpg
gypsy_moth edited.jpg
bagworm edited.jpg
Ambrosia_Beetle edited.jpg
eastern_tent_caterpillar edited.jpg
Conifer Sawfly edited.jpg
pine_webworm_larvae edited.jpg
pales_weevil edited.jpg
Aphid edited.jpg
nantucket_pine_tip_moth edited.jpg
black_turpentine_beetle edited.jpg
fall_webworm_larvae edited.jpg
ips_engraver_beetle edited.jpg
scales edited.jpg
orangestriped_oakworm edited.jpg
southern_pine_sawyer edited.jpg
southern_pine_beetles edited.jpg