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Class Starters    
The Class Starters are a great way to introduce a new topic to your class as well as provide real-world examples of the lesson.

Envirothon Resources    
The Envirothon is a hands-on, high school academic competition on the environment. Skills and knowledge will be tested in outdoor environments such as a nature center, camp, forest, or park.

Elementary Agriculture Awareness Lesson Plans    
These lessons are available for 2nd - 5th Grade students. The lessons have been structured to fit a five day schedule for each agricultural category. Lessons throughout the program will include a Reading/Vocabulary Activity, a Hands-On Activity, a Science Activity, and a Math Activity. Our suggestion is to start with the Reading/Vocabulary Lesson which includes a book. Every lesson thereafter will relate to the book and the agricultural category. Beyond day 1, the lesson order is up to the Elementary Teacher and Agriculture Teacher to decide what is best for the students. Our hope is that students who take part in the Ag Awareness High School Student to Elementary Student Program will learn about agriculture and the world around them while having fun too.

High School Curriculum    

Browse through over 4,000 Ag Ed lesson plans, teaching materials, lessons, presentations, quizzes and educational games. All current State Approved Agriculture Education courses can be searched by Course Names and Georgia AFNR pathways. Each link for each course includes Course Standards, Lesson plans, slideshows, and supplemental materials when available.

Instructional Presentations (Powerpoints)    
Quick go to presentations to use for classroom instruction, supplemental lessons or CDE practices.   The presentations included in this link are separated by content area.  If there is a specific presentation you can't find from our old website or if you have something you think would be helpful to other teachers, please contact Christa Steinkamp.

Middle School Curriculum    
The middle school curriculum section provides lesson plans and teaching materials from the 19 units for Middle School Ag Ed. This material covers topics ranging from biotechnology to food science and many topics in between.

Middle School Curriculum By Grade (NEW!)    
This middle school curriculum is organized by grade 6-8 and includes the following resources:
  • Lessons
  • PowerPoints
  • Supplemental resources

  • Short Term Adult Program    
    The short-term adult program in agricultural education exists to provide learning opportunities for individuals who are engaged or interested in agriculture and have special needs or concerns not met by other available means which can be addressed in two to twelve hours of class instruction.

    Substitute Teacher Resources    
    Prepare your class for your absence with the provided substitute teacher resources, lesson plans and activities. The lesson planning kits provide introductory topics for substitutes and activities for middle and high school students.

    Young Farmer Curriculum & Classroom Resources    
    Curriculum Guide, Forms, Applications and Resources, Goals and Objectives, PowerPoints, Internship Requirements, Program Forms and Reports, Program History & Overview, Agribusiness Standards & Policy Manual

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