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With schools suspending classes in response to the COVID-19 situation, we know that many will most likely be scrambling for online and remote resources for your students. We can only imagine how stressful this must be. We want to help you and all students any way we can.

To provide support during this difficult time we will provide full access to to all agriculture programs across United States. We will provide this free access through Thursday, April 30. This will be unlimited and simultaneous access for you and your students anywhere you have internet access. Use the resources in whatever way helps you the most. Our only request is that our offer is not abused and at the end of this period you delete all downloaded material.

Click here complete the download and passwords will be sent to you.

Ag Electricity      
Drawing Electrical Circuits

 The idea is that teachers can send it or tell students how to access it and have them diagram circuits for distance learning. Teachers could instruct students to watch the video, then download the Drawing Electrical Circuits Powerpoint and diagram the circuits provided. Please also see link below for Drawing 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint. Students can use the skills they developed in the Drawing Electrical Circuits tutorial and the instructions in the 3 way & 4 way switch Powerpoint to diagram circuits as well. (shared by Sidney Bell)
Drawing 3 way & 4 way switch circuits in Powerpoint
Drawing Electrical circuits in Powerpoint

Ground, Neutral & Hot Wires Explained (Word file shared by Sidney Bell)

What is Current? (Word File shared by Sidney Bell)

Ag Mechanics      
Ag Mechanics Grounding & Bonding Distance Learning Activity (word document shared from Sidney Bell)

Welding 101 Worksheet (word document shared from Jerry Stone)

Agriscience links      
Let's Talk Science: Stupendous Suds - Every time you wash your hands with soap, there are complex chemical reactions taking place.

YouScience (Georgia Ag Ed teachers - check your email on state listserv)

Ag Safety      
CareerSafe Online Federal OSHA 10-Hour General Industry for Agriculture safety training
This online program costs $25 a students but they do earn a Federal OSHA 10-Hour card and it has been approved for multiple different funding sources at the Federal and State levels. CareerSafe is a proud partner with FFA and the SAY program (Safety in Agriculture for Youth).

Cooperative Extension - Ag Safety & Health

NIOSH - Telling the Story Project

University of Minnesota - Ag Safety & Health

Animal Science      
CAST Webinar “Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food Supply”  Join Zoom Meeting:


Forestry Resources      
Georgia Forest Virtual Learning (Georgia Public Broadcasting)

Reforestation Activity

Use these documents from Shawn Collins to for this Reforestation Activity.  Feel free to download & edit the word documents to make changes needed for your students. 
Reforestation Notes with Sample Problem (word)
Reforestation Exam (word)
Reforestation Reference Material
Seedling Application
Georgia County Unit Tax Map
Care & planting of southern pine seedlings
Seedling Brochure 
Condensed Price list
Seedling Delivery Schedule

Goodheart-Wilcox Online resources      
G-W has online interactive activities that you can easily grab the link and then post in an assignment to your Google Classroom. They have everything from Basic Ag type curriculum, Horticulture, Welding, etc.  

Cheddar Up app (people place orders and do a drive up/pick up system)

Virtual Gardening Games

is like Neopets for plants. The game is dedicated to nurturing a pot of succulents that grow almost in real time. You can plant a variety of succulent species in your virtual pot. Spritz your plants with water when they’re thirsty and wait for them to grow. Each week, a new seedling will be available for you to plant. The game moves slowly by design. You can let it run in the background, and your plants will do their thing, just like a real plant would. These ones are even harder to kill than real succulents, though.

Find it: iOSAndroid

2. TOCA NATURE; $2.99

Toca Boca makes games for kids, but honestly, Toca Nature is pretty fun no matter what your age. You can create your own natural landscapes, adding trees, water features, and mountains. Different natural features attract different animals, and the type of landscape you make shapes whether you’ll get bears, beavers, or birds living there. You can collect berries, feed the animals, or just enjoy planting trees.

Find it: iOSAndroid


In Breath of Light, your job is to bring a garden to life by manipulating a stream of light. Move rocks and mirrors around your zen garden to harness and direct the life-giving light emanating from a single flower. When the light hits another flower, it causes that plant to grow. The very simple puzzles are designed to help you chill out, and the award-winning soundtrack by the audio designer Winterpark features binaural tones that are naturally relaxing. 

Find it: iOS

4. PRUNE; $3.99

Prune is a puzzle game with a horticultural twist. The object is to plant a tree, then as it grows up, guide it with careful pruning, helping the branches reach the light while staying away from the cold shadows or hot sun, both of which will kill the tree. As the levels rise, you’ll need to contort your trees into ever more complex shapes.

Find it: iOSAndroid

5. EUFLORIA; $4.99

If you like your gardening to be a little more high-stakes, Eufloria is out of this world. Seriously, it’s about colonizing asteroids. Your mission is to grow trees on far-off asteroids, sending your seedlings out to turn gray space rocks into thriving landscapes. Your seeds hop from asteroid to asteroid at your behest, creating a chain of fertile life. Sometimes, alien enemies will attack your flourishing asteroid colonies, but don’t worry; you can beat them back with the power of more seeds. The game can be fast-paced and competitive, but there’s a “relaxed” play option that’s more meditative.

Find it: iOSAndroid


Aging White Tail Deer (shared by Brandon Ray)

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