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  Our mission is to be a premier learning system that delivers agricultural, environmental and leadership education programs and services. Georgia Agriculture Education is divided into three regions: North, Central and South. For resources pertaining to each region, please click the respective link below:  
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  Elementary & Middle school standards approved    
  Posted 6/21/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Ag Ed Elementary Standards & revised Middle School Ag Ed standards were approved at the June 2019 State Board of Education Meeting.  Georgia currently has 20 schools enrolled in the Ag Ed Elementary Pilot Program, which begins the Fall 2019.  Georgia currently has 109 middle school Ag Ed programs, with over 33,000 students enrolled in middle grades agricultural education.    

  GVATA Summer Conference Registration - Closes Thursday, July 20th    
  Posted 6/18/2019 by GVATA  
  There are 486 people registered for GVATA Summer Leadership Conference. Are you one of them? Last day to register is this Thursday, June 20th, 2019. Please check over the registration list and make sure your registration is complete.   

  Central Region Market Goat Shootout    
  Posted 5/21/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Please mark your calendars and get your students registered for the 7th Annual Central Region ShootOut Goat Show to be held in the New South Arena at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. You can weigh in Friday night from 6-8 or come Saturday Morning, Show starts at 10 with Pre-k and Kindergarten Showmanship then goes up grades followed by does and wethers.  Registration is due June 28th. Your are guaranteed to WIN your entry fee back if you show!!! No other show like it.  

  Middle School Ag Ed Standards for Public Review    
  Posted 5/14/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Middle School Ag Ed course standards haven't been revised since 2009.  A working committee including current Ag Ed teachers, post secondary teachers & industry members reviewed and revised the Middle School Ag Ed Standards.  Please take a minute to review each grade level standards for Ag Ed and complete a quick survey  

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  South Region Agriculture Education  
  Tommy Waldrop  
  Mr. Tommy Waldrop has worked on State Staff as South Region Area Livestock Teacher for 13 years. Previously he worked as a Young Farmer Teacher, Extension Agent, and as a field rep with the Landrace Association. He was also a pork producer for 20 years and a goat producer for 7 years. In his role as Area Livestock teacher, his priority is always what is best for the students. He works diligently to make sure every CDE and State Show (market hogs, market goats) are done with all I's dotted and T's crossed. Mr. Waldrop cares for his co-workers and always puts the team first. He works diligently and with the utmost integrity. Thank you for Mr. Waldrop for your dedication to the students and teachers of Georgia Agricultural Education.  

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