Teacher Spotlights

  Stan Mitchell  
  North Region Agricultural Education  
  Congratulations to Mr. Stan Mitchell on your retirement! Thank you for 30 years of service to Georgia agricultural education students and teachers. Mr. Mitchell taught agricultural education at Oconee County High School and North Oconee High School and led North Region FFA as the North Region Ag Ed Director.


  Cory Smith  
  Glascock County  
  Mr. Smith is in his seventh year as the Agriculture Education Teacher at Glascock County. His students are strong competitors each year in Agriculture Mechanics, Tractor Driving, Forestry Field Day, Wildlife, and EMC Wiring Career Development Events. Cory has gained the respect of his students by keeping them busy day in and day out in the classroom by teaching them quality work ethics and how to be successful in life. Cory has been selected as the STAR teacher previously for his influence in the classroom. Glascock County also has a strong FFA Chapter by providing service to its community in Gibson under Cory’s leadership. Cory is also willing to serve his state teacher organization by serving as the Area 4 GVATA PRC Representative this school year. We are grateful for the example and hard work Cory Smith puts forth to guide his students in the right direction for successful careers in Agriculture.


  Ben Culpepper  
  Lanier County  
  Mr. Culpepper has been an Agriculture Education Teacher for over 15 years. He has had student compete and be successful in Agriculture Mechanics, Tractor Driving, Welding and EMC Wiring Career Development Events. Ben also keeps his classroom busy in the agriculture mechanics shop day in and out to teach his students the value of hard work and to uphold the 3 Ring Model of Agriculture Education. During the summer he not only make SAE Visits but works in the school canning plant. Thank you Mr. Ben Culpepper for guiding so many on the right path and setting a good example for all.


  Kevin Jump  
  Central Region Agriculture Education  
  Kevin Jump has been dedicated to Georgia Agricultural Education for the past 29 years serving as an Ag Teacher in Berrien, Bleckley, and for the past 13 years as the Central Region Ag Mechanics Area Teacher. As many people have asked, "what are you going to do for retirement" his response has been, "CAMPING, a lot of Camping" , starting July 1st Mr. Jump will be retired from his Area Teacher role, and will assume the duties as the new Camp John Hope camp Manager.


  Jesika Holloway  
  Haralson County  
  Jesika Holloway is in her 10th year teaching at Haralson County High School where she offers both the Horticulture and Animal Science pathways to her students. Her love for agriculture education and FFA began when she was an FFA member at Temple High School in Carroll County, leading her to pursue a degree in agricultural education and further her education with a master’s and specialist degree to better serve her students. Jesika’s favorite part of being an agricultural educator is spending time truly getting to know her students, instilling them with a passion for agriculture, and, of course, attending Summer Leadership Camp (the best week you will spend investing in your students all year!). Out of her 10 years of experience, Mrs. Holloway believes that her greatest accomplishment in the classroom is the number of students she has taught who are now actively engaged in the agricultural community – “It has been truly an amazing experience watching my students become agricultural majors, future Ag. Ed. teachers, or even establishing themselves in an agricultural industry. It inspires me to know that because of my impact on my students, the future of agriculture will continue to grow and flourish with bright individuals.” When asked what her words of wisdom for new teachers would be, Mrs. Holloway responded with, “My biggest piece of advice for new ag. teachers is to ask for help. It took me a while to find my groove, and I'm still continuing to learn each and every year through the advice of my peers. If there's one thing I've learned over the years it’s you can always count on your FFAmily.” Thank you Mrs. Holloway for your passion and dedication to your students and agricultural education!


  Rick DuBose  
  Thomson High  
  Mr. Rick DuBose grew up in the town of Alcolu, SC. After graduating high school and participating in agriculture education and FFA, he pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture Education from Clemson University. Mr. DuBose began teaching at Thomson High School in Thomson, GA in 2003 and is still there today. The pathways taught at Thomson High School are Landscape Systems, Wildlife Systems, and Horticulture/Forestry Systems. Mr. DuBose oversees the operation of the Thomson High School Canning Plant in the summer months with the help of FFA members. He was recognized as Thomson High School Teacher of the Year in 2012 and the recipient of the Golden Apple Award in 2019. The accomplishments of Mr. DuBose are not defined by personal accolades but by the success stories of students and FFA members. During his time at Thomson High School, Mr. DuBose has had several FFA State Degree Recipients, eight American Degree recipients, nine FFA State Winning CDE teams/individuals, and several State and National Proficiency Finalists. Mr. DuBose currently serves as the GVATA President, after serving three years on the GVATA Board.


  Mike Bushey  
  Gilmer County  
  Mr. Mike Bushey was recognized as the Golden Key Award Winner for Agricultural Education by Dr. Barbara Wall, Georgia CTAE Director at the 2022 GVATA Summer Conference. Mr. Mike Bushey is originally from New York, he followed in his father's footsteps and attended the University of Georgia to obtain a degree in Agricultural Education. In 1995, he started teaching at Tri-Valley High School in Grahamsville, NY. In 1999, he started teaching at Murray County in Georgia. In 2012, he became the Young Farmer Advisor at Gilmer County. Mr. Bushey advised several State FFA Officers at Tri-Valley and Murray County. He has trained very successful CDE and LDE teams with state winners in Farm Business Management and Ag Sales. Mr. Bushey holds a State and American Honorary FFA Degree. Mike was instrumental in getting a state of the art, $5 million Agricultural Education Center and Cannery built where Gilmer hosts a multitude of Livestock Shows and Agricultural events. Through agricultural partnerships, he worked with the community to incorporate orchards and recently secured sponsorship to construct a one of a kind poultry research center, allowing students real world agricultural experiences. Of all of these things, the accomplishment that Mr. Mike Bushey is proudest of having 17 former students that have received or are pursuing a degree in Agricultural Education.


  Micah Story  
  Micah Story grew up in Buena Vista, Ga which is a small town near Columbus and attended Tri-County High School. Marion-Schley-Webster is where Micah first experienced agriculture, its importance and how to appreciate a good farm experience. The classes that got Mr. Story’s interest were horticulture, Industrial Arts and Science. The poultry and timber industry provided a lot of jobs for people in Marion County and provided Mr. Story with the opportunity to gain supervised ag experience in these areas. His SAE involved preparing pine seeds for planting and operating harvesting equipment. When President Jimmy and Roslyn Carter returned to Plains, their daughter Amy and Mr. Story were in his dad’s science class. Her time at Tri-County brought some unique experiences to the school. Mr. Story decided to pursue a career in education and had a strong interest in science at Fort Valley State University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agronomy and later earned a Masters in Education as well as an Educational Specialists degree from the University of Georgia. Mr. Story’s agriculture career began as a UGA County Extension Agent in Walton and Worth counties. Eventually he would become the agriculture teacher at East Jackson Middle School and teach there for 16 years, utilizing one of the first modular concepts in teaching agriculture technology in the state. Mr. Story then taught at Jackson County High School for 11 years and is currently teaching at the Empower College and Career Center. In 2001 Mr. Story was named Teacher of the Year and System Teacher of the Year. When asked what his favorite part of being an Ag. Teacher is Mr. Story states: “Dr. Ray Herren told us that we don’t teach agriculture, but we use agriculture to teach kids. My favorite part of being an agriculture teacher is that I get to use relevant material, hands-on experiences to hold their attention and help kids engaged until they know for sure what their call and purpose in life is. I get 4 years to help mold, guide, shape and encourage and nurture students until they become all they were created to be.” Mr. Story continues to strive to do all he can to provide great learning opportunities for his students every day and states that he is “blessed to work with great ag teachers who motivate and challenge me to grow and become a better ag teacher to help students fulfill their call in life and to make our community a better place for people to live and work.”


  Ashley Holden  
  Lee County Middle East  
  Ashley Perl is the agriculture education teacher and FFA advisor at Lee County Middle School East in Leesburg, Georgia. Ashley is in her second year of teaching. Graduated from ABAC with a degree in agriculture education and is currently working on her Master’s degree at Murray State University. She works hard every day in the classroom to make sure each student is provided a quality education filled with many different aspects in the world of agriculture. Her work ethic also carries into the FFA chapter where we are a part of many different advancing CDE teams such as Wildlife, Livestock, Nursery & Landscape etc. LCMSE FFA is highly active in competitions with 6 different teams headed to state this year. Miss Perl’s positive attitude is contagious anywhere she goes pushing her students inside and outside of the classroom. She has offered students many opportunities in life, whether it is showing livestock, becoming an area officer, or becoming a state high individual in their favorite CDE. She is truly a teacher, advisor, friend, and mentor to the chapter. She is happy to call the South Region her home!


  Kasey Jackson  
  West Laurens  
  Kasey Jackson has been an agriculture education teacher at West Laurens High School for the past 12 years. She previously taught 6 years at East Laurens High. Mrs. Jackson's primary pathway focus is horticulture and leadership. Her dedication to her students is contagious and she is always promoting the work they are doing on the schools social media accounts where you can witness hands on learning and student lead projects. Her hard work in the classroom is evident as she constantly has teams in Floriculture, Nursery Landscape, as well as Floral Designs advance to the state competition each year. She has a passion for finding the best in her students and pushing them to their full potential. She encourages her students into leadership roles having many area officers as well as the current state FFA Secretary. Mrs. Jackson is a vital part of the Laurens County agriculture education community and we are glad to have her in the Central Region!


  Todd Teasley  
  Camp Team  
  Mr. Todd Teasley has been active within the National FFA Organization since the 8th grade. He was a passionate FFA member at Lincoln County High School and excelled in electrical wiring. Upon graduating high school, he attended Emmanuel College for two years then the University of Georgia majoring in Agriculture Education. Mr. Teasley was the FFA Advisor at Hephzibah High School from 1990 to 1996. He led a successful chapter while hosting effective CDEs, banquets, and leadership activities. In 1996 he was selected to serve as the Camp Director at the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center. In this capacity Mr. Teasley transformed a low-attendance camp in need of many repairs to a thriving, profitable system for agriculture education students. In 2011 his role changed to Director of Leadership and Development for both of Georgia’s FFA Centers. Since 2011 Mr. Teasley has raised over 40 million dollars for facility improvements at both camps. He has increased Summer Leadership Camp attendance by 300% since 1996 and secured the first million-dollar contribution to the Georgia FFA Foundation. Todd is a member of GVATA, NAAE, GYFA, FFA Alumni, along with other community organizations. Mr. Teasley is often described as persistent, a visionary, and youthful. In his eyes, there was always more work to be done. Mr. Teasley retired at the end of May. We wish him the best in his next endeavor and are thankful for his lifelong contribution to FFA and the state of Georgia.


  Sidney Bell  
  North Region Agricultural Education  
  Mr. Sidney Bell graduated from Oconee County High School in 1980. During this time he was an avid FFA member and part of the Landjudging Team. His Ag Teacher was Mr. Kenneth Bridges. Mr. Bell went on to UGA and returned to Oconee County High School to replace the retiring Mr. Bridges as the Agriculture Instructor in 1989. Over the next 21 years at Oconee County High School, Mr. Bell developed a strong Forestry/Natural Resources and Ag Mechanics program that included State winning Forestry Teams, Environmental/Natural Resources Teams, and Envirothon Teams. In 2007, the Oconee County High School Environmental/Natural Resources Team won the National FFA Competition. Mr. Bell also advised many State FFA Officers, multiple State FFA Degree earners, and 24 American FFA Degree recipients. In 2010, Mr. Bell joined the State Staff as the Area Ag Mechanics Specialist. In this capacity, Mr. Bell strived to develop student opportunities in CDE's, Proficiencies, and Leadership Development with one thing in mind...to provide the best opportunity possible that challenged students and pushed students and teachers alike to broaden their horizons. Taking his own advice, if there has ever been anything Mr. Bell did not know...but needed to know in order to make him better at his job...you could count on Mr. Bell to soon be an expert. If you asked him what his greatest achievement was throughout his career, he would tell you it was building relationships with students, especially with those who would never be the ones that walked across the stage or stood in the spotlight. His passion for teaching students practical life lessons and skills they could truly use in their future careers far surpassed the pursuit of any plaque hanging on the wall. Mr. Bell is retiring at the end of this school year. We wish him the very best and will be forever grateful for his 31 years of contributions to the students and teachers across Georgia.


  Wesley Paulk  
  Irwin County High  
  Irwin County Young Farmer Teacher, Wesley Paulk has provided the adult component of the agriculture education program in Irwin County for 19 years. He has been instrumental in promoting Value Added Processing while coordinating the Food Processing Facility at Irwin County High School. Wesley also serves as the CASE Farm Manager where students get a true hands-on approach to agriculture production. Community involvement is a priority as he is involved with the Rotary Club and he serves on the Farm Service Agency Board, the Ameris Bank Board, the Irwin County Farm Bureau Board and the Irwin County Forestry Board. Irwin County CTAE Director, Shayla Johnson said that Wesley “Rocks” and is a major component of the Irwin County Agriculture “Dream Team!”


  Kathrine Patel  
  Madison County High  
  Kathrine Bell is an 8-year veteran Agriculture Teacher at Madison County High School. Kathrine’s interest in the Agriculture industry is very diverse and was cultivated by her own FFA experiences and High School Agriculture classes which led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management and Master’s Degree in Natural Resources Education from UGA’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources Management as well a teaching certificate in Agricultural Education from the School of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications at the University of Georgia. Kathrine is one of three Agriculture teachers at Madison County High School; her class load includes Forestry, Wildlife Management, Basic Agricultural Science and Animal Production and Management. She is actively engaged in the agricultural community of Madison County through her work with the Madison County Fair, Madison County Young Farmers, and the FFA Alumni. Kathrine and her teaching partners work countless hours to provide students with outstanding opportunities through Agricultural Education with FFA members experiencing great success in Area and State Career Development Events, FFA Proficiency Awards and the State and American FFA Degree programs. Students describe Ms. Bell as “a dedicated, compassionate mentor and a positive role model”. Thank you, Ms. Bell for all that you do for students in Madison County!


  Glen Gosier  
  Thomas County Central  
  Mr. Glen Glosier is eager to bring high school students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of education experience coupled with five years in the horticulture industry. He has a background in landscape design management, wildlife management, forestry and a genuine love and passion for agriculture as a result of being raised on a family farm in Dixie, GA.


  Jerry Taylor  
  Athens Christian  
  Mr. Jerry Taylor is the Agriculture teacher and FFA Advisor at Athens Christian School. Mr. Taylor has been an Agriculture teacher for 33 years and served as the North Region Area Forestry teacher for 5 of those years. Mr. Taylor's career has been filled with many successes in a variety of program areas. As an FFA Advisor, Mr. Taylor has had students succeed at the highest levels in the Agricultural Electrification CDE, Poultry Judging and Land Evaluation. He has helped numerous students throughout his career to earn the State FFA Degree and American FFA Degree. All who know Jerry can attest to the fact that he is a quiet, unassuming, hard worker who has an earnest desire to provide FFA opportunities to all of his students and help young people experience success as evidenced by his and his student’s success in this year’s Chapter of the Year program. Jerry is also an avid fisherman and baseball fan. He and his wife Jackie have 3 sons Zach, Blake, and Trey.


  Ashley Whiddon  
  Perry Middle  
  The Area 3 Big Winner Middle School Winner this year is Dr. Ashley Whiddon. Dr. Whiddon has been an agriculture teacher for the last 10 years and is currently serving as the middle school FFA advisor at Perry Middle School. Dr. Whiddon received her bachelor's degree from the University of GA and doctorate degree from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Whiddon runs an outstanding agriculture program at Perry Middle with her students involved in many different activities from supporting the local community, showing livestock, competing and qualifying for state in multiple CDEs, Agriscience Fair, Middle School SAE Record Book Awards, along with many others. Dr. Whiddon and her husband Tony have two daughters Hadley and Charley.


  David West  
  Dooly County  
  Dr. West has been an advisor for 22 years, currently he is the Young Farmer teacher in Dooly and in past years, Crisp County. Dr. West enjoys working with the producers and land owners providing educational programs and on-on-one training and consulting to solve real world problems in their operations, with the main goal of increasing profitability of their agricultural enterprises. He also works with the FFA chapter, assisting with contest training and leadership development to shape the future generations of agricultural professionals.


  Charles Schneider Dustin Haskins  
  Brooks County High  
  Charles Schneider and Dustin Haskins are starting their second year at Brooks County High School and are making a difference daily. This summer they even took it upon themselves to have a reopening of their local canning plant. Much needed work went into repairs and maintenance within the canning plant. They opened and have served their community this summer. They are both ready to kick off year two this year impacting students in their classrooms.


  Joseph Nesbit  
  Greene County  
  Mr. Joseph Nesbitt is in his fourth year as the Agriculture Teacher at Greene County High School. His program focuses mainly on Horticulture and Agricultural Mechanics. Greene County High School has just completed an impressive new lab facility for Joseph and the brand new equipment combined with his new facility stand as a testament to the commitment Greene County has made to his program. Joseph graduated from Greene County High School and then from Fort Valley State in 2014. He will complete his Masters at North Carolina A&T in 2020. Joseph has worked hard to develop his craft and was named as the 19-20 Teacher of the Year for Greene County. Joseph says he has been "blessed with the opportunity to teach young adults about different occupations as well as get back to the basics. My overall philosophy of education and teaching revolves around educating students about things that can benefit them in life, preparing kids to be successful after high school, as well as helping them to develop a plan that will give them the right idea of what they have interests in and how to correctly pursue them. One of the most important goals for my program is to provide the best education and hands on skills to help a student develop and strive to prepare them for life after school. I will continue to develop and grow my program so that it will leave a positive mark on the students who matriculate through the program and the Greene County community."


  Michael Atkinson  
  Treutlen County  
  Michael Atkinson is starting his second year at Treutlen High School as the Agriculture Education Instructor. He taught at Athens Christian and Washington-Wilkes before moving back home to continue his teaching career. He has many active students on the local level and has been very successful with CDE's at the state and area level. Micheal received the Area 4 Big Owl award his first year at Treutlen High School, which is awarded based on student activity and accomplishments throughout the year. Congratulations to Michael and his success at Treutlen HigH School.


  Tommy Waldrop  
  South Region Agriculture Education  
  Mr. Tommy Waldrop has worked on State Staff as South Region Area Livestock Teacher for 13 years. Previously he worked as a Young Farmer Teacher, Extension Agent, and as a field rep with the Landrace Association. He was also a pork producer for 20 years and a goat producer for 7 years. In his role as Area Livestock teacher, his priority is always what is best for the students. He works diligently to make sure every CDE and State Show (market hogs, market goats) are done with all I's dotted and T's crossed. Mr. Waldrop cares for his co-workers and always puts the team first. He works diligently and with the utmost integrity. Thank you for Mr. Waldrop for your dedication to the students and teachers of Georgia Agricultural Education.


  Roseanna Stanley  
  Gladden Middle  
  Roseanna Volz was always intrigued by the agriculture field, as she grew up hearing stories about her grandfather’s dairy farm. Roseanna attended Heritage High School where she was a chapter officer her senior year and competed in several Career Development Events. Roseanna is completing her third year at Gladden Middle School. Roseanna’s career goals are to expand her knowledge, not only in the field of agriculture but in the field of education in general. Roseanna now employs a variety of hands-on tasks in her classroom to engage her students. One example is having the students develop a large map of the U.S. agriculture top commodities by state. When asked what inspired her to teach agriculture she responded, “One of the first meetings I had with my agriculture teacher, he asked me 'What are your plans after high school?' I replied, ‘I honestly don’t know’. He then followed with 'Have you ever thought about being an agriculture teacher?' My exact response was 'You’re crazy. There’s no way I am becoming a teacher!' He told me 'just think about it for a while. You might change your mind.' The second meeting he asked me the same thing. I told him 'I am still not sure' but to be honest, the thought of an agriculture teacher was still swimming around in my head. By the third meeting, which happened in the last semester of my senior year, he asked me 'What are your plans after high school?' I said, 'to be an Ag teacher'. He saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself. Without his guidance and persistence, who knows where I would be today."


  Jeffrey Wilson  
  Jeff Wilson earned a marketing degree from Georgia College and worked in the cabinet industry for eight years before teaching. After earning a post-Bachelor teaching certificate from Fort Valley State University, he began teaching agriculture. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughters, fishing, and writing poetry. He just recently finished his specialist and has begun working on his Doctorate. Jeff goes above and beyond to make sure his students are prepared for CDE's and life. He has coached 3 State Winning Teams this year and was only a few points shy of a 4th. Mr. Wilson Teaches at Veterans High School with his partner in crime Clay Walker.


  John Deverger  
  McIntosh Academy  
  Mr. Deverger, first year Ag teacher at McIntosh Academy, and his students celebrated MLK Day the FFA Way. Click Here to read the link on the National FFA website: https://www.ffa.org/living-to-serve/celebrating-mlk-day-the-ffa-way/


  Christina White  
  Rabun County Middle  
  Christie Dills is in her 4th year as an Agriculture Education teacher. Christie is teaching in her home county, Rabun County, where she has started a new program with 7th and 8th graders at Rabun County Middle School in Tiger. Christie believes that each of the schools that she has taught at has been beneficial and helped her be in the position to start a new program in her home county. What Christie enjoys most about being an Ag Teacher is that no day is ever the same! She believes that she and her students as a whole are constantly moving, doing, learning and building connections together. She is proud to be back home serving the community that she grew up in. Her goal for the Middle School Ag. Program in Rabun County is to see it grow. Christie wants her students to enjoy being in ag/FFA so much they take it in high school. When asked what she believed was her greatest success to date Christie said, “Having one of my kid’s place 2nd in Lawnmower Operations is my greatest accomplishment to date. It is a great accomplishment that I place fully on that young man! He wanted it and met me halfway! Every accomplishment is great one (large or small)! Being there when they need me, to give small encouragement, or tell them what they need to hear is why I am here!


  Melanie Tucker  
  Irwin County Middle  
  Mrs. Tucker is in her second round of teaching agriculture education in Irwin County and is connecting with students everyday in and out of the classroom. Melanie has pushed her students to try new things in the FFA including the Leadership Development Event (LDE) Conduct of Chapter meetings. Every year her team has moved up the ranks in the LDE and in all aspects of the total program. Melanie Tucker is a wonderful example of how to run an outstanding FFA Chapter that involves a wide range of students. Keep on going Melanie and thank you for what you do for the program.


  Ryan Ayers  
  Central of Carroll  
  Mr. Ryan Ayers has just completed his second year as the Carroll County Young Farmer advisor. Prior to that Mr. Ayers served as the agriculture teacher and FFA advisor at Bowdon High School in Carroll County for 7 years. He began his teaching career at Banks County Middle School in 2001 and taught there for 8 years. Mr. Ayers has always done an outstanding job and truly implements the three-circle model of Agricultural Education. In his current role as Young Farmer advisor, Mr. Ayers has shown a great increase in membership and does an outstanding job promoting agriculture in his community. Check him out on Instagram @carrollcoyf.


  Joe Thornton  
  Jones County  
  Agriculture Teachers are always faced with challenging situations. The good ones handle these challenges with a smile. Mr. Joe Thornton teachers AgEd and FFA at Jones County High School and provided many quality opportunities for his students - like the one here in Forestry and Natural Resources.


  Ron Bray  
  Johnson County High  
  The work of a Young Farmer agriculture teacher is very important for a local school system, the community, and the agriculture in Georgia. By involving members of the community in the various activities and aspects of agriculture, the Georgia Young Farmers Association is strengthening Georgia Agriculture. Mr. Ron Bray in Johnson County is a great example of how successful the Young Farmer program can be and how valuable the support is to the local agricultural education students.


  Rebekah Dunn  
  Berrien County High  
  Mrs. Dunn pushes her students to achieve great things! Berrien County in the past year has earned a National Proficiency Winner and Reserve National Champion in AgriScience, both firsts for the chapter. All the while maintaining an outstanding classroom schedule of teaching horticulture, nursery landscape, basic agriculture and many more courses. She also balances being a mother while preforming at a high level. Thank you Rebekah Dunn for being a great example for all.


  Wendy Matteson  
  LaFayette Middle  
  Wendy has been teaching agriculture for 13 years. Originally from LaFayette Georgia and Wendy loves teaching in her hometown. Her favorite part of being an Ag. Teacher is the opportunity to have a positive outcome on her student's lives. Wendy's goals as an Ag. Teacher are to increase the number of gold ratings in CDE's, to increase the quality of her student's SAE projects, to increase the number of students involved in agriscience projects, and her most important goal is making sure that students understand how agriculture impacts their lives on a daily basis. LaFayette Middle school was recently named the North Region Chapter of the Year for Area 1.


  Matthew Howell  
  Brooks County High  
  Matt Howell worked hard in college and became involved in the ABAC Collegiate FFA. Upon traveling to the National FFA convention to represent ABAC, he became interested in FFA and loved the competitive structure of the organization! It changed his life and now he is changing lives in the students he teaches at Brooks Co. High School. Matt ensures that all students have in place a SAE program that is agricultural related. Each student’s program is tailored uniquely to what they want to pursue for a career. Mr. Howells favorite CDE’s to train students for are Meats Evaluation, Poultry Evaluation, Forestry, Environmental Natural Resources, and Wildlife Management. Matt has won State Junior Poultry and Meats Evaluation. Matt, thank you for instilling your passion of agriculture in the students you teach by seeing that they not only graduate but graduate with the feeling of accomplishment that will remain with them for a lifetime.


  Jeffrey Wilson  
  Veterans High FFA Advisor Jeff Wilson took his State winning Meats Evaluation Team which is preparing for the National FFA Meats Evaluation CDE and his team that will compete in the 2017 State Meats Evaluation CDE to Fort Valley State University's Meats Lab. There they were able to view lamb carcasses being processed. Mr. Wilson went over meat cut id and class evaluation. Thank You Mr. Wilson for providing real world applications in your classroom instruction.


  Berrien County High  
  Great Ag Teachers don't just have skills -- they teach skills. Mr. Scott Johnson is one of the agriculture teachers at Berrien County High School. He does a great job of working with students in all 3 components of the AgEd program. Students gain valuable knowledge & skill through class/lab, Supervised Ag Experiences (SAE), and participation in FFA. Thank You Mr. Johnson for the great work you do.


  T.J. Elder Middle  
  Mr. Shelton at T.J. Elder Middle School works hard to provide positive experiences for his students. By allowing students to attend leadership rally and other worthwhile events, Mr. Shelton is creating a passion for agriculture with his students. Making a positive difference in the lives of students -- thank you Mr. Shelton.


  Ricky Barnes  
  Appling County Middle  
  Mr. Barnes pushes his students to perfection in and out of the classroom. In the classroom rotates his students through modules where the students learn by doing. In the FFA he has students shine through CDEs. Thank you Ricky Barnes for your hard work with students.


  Tori Pellerin  
  Emanuel County Institute (ECI)  
  When an agriculture teachers provides instruction outside of the normal classroom setting, there is a powerful and meaningful experience that will never be forgotten by the student. Thank YOU Ms. Meadows for providing quality Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) and FFA leadership opportunities for your students. They will always remember the great work you are doing.


  Dusty Smith  
  Seminole County  
  Providing opportunities for student success is a primary goal of Georgia Agricultural Education Teachers. These teachers provide true "Technical Skill Attainment" opportunities for agriculture students. Students that are fortunate enough to have teachers like Mr. Dusty Smith of Seminole County High School are assured of being career ready with premier leadership skills.


  Sara Clark  
  Another great agriculture teacher from Georgia is Dr. Sara Clark. She demonstrates on a daily basis the importance of quality classroom instruction that incorporates FFA and SAE so that learning comes alive. Dr. Clark shows how the AgEd model of instruction works and why it is so important. We are fortunate to have quality AgEd instructors like Dr. Sara Clark of Sonoraville High School.


  Terry Brown  
  West Laurens  
  The adult education component of a complete AgEd program is the Georgia Young Farmer program. These Ag Teachers work with in-school students for one or two periods a day and then focus attention on the agriculture needs of the community by working with local producers and agribusiness to promote agriculture. Mr. Terry Brown is a great example of how the young farmer program can have a positive impact on the local school system. Thank You Mr. Terry Brown.


  Heath Cross  
  Tift County  
  Mr. Heath Cross is not only a successful agriculture teacher but he has demonstrated a plethora of knowledge in the area of Agricultural Mechanics. Mr. Cross successfully instructs students how to wire electrical circuits, operate tractors, and work on small engines. This is a very difficult task to do, while conducting and coordinating after school FFA events in a community that has a long standing tradition as well as history of great agriculture. He has coached numerous CDE teams in Ag Mechanics, and Welding. He has been very instrumental in coaching students in Tractor Driving and EMC electrification CDE's. He teaches Ag Mechanics and basic Agriculture Science. Thank you Mr. Cross for your dedication to Georgia AgEd and most importantly, thank you for your service to your community of Tift County!


  Kip Williams  
  Murray County  
  Georgia Agricultural Education has a rich tradition of providing Adult Education, especially in the Young Farmer Program. Mr. Kip Williams recently was recognized for his efforts with the Murray County Young Farmers. This component of the AgEd program is important as we transition students into the world of work.


  Justin Bennett  
  Mossy Creek Middle  
  The ultimate compliment to any agriculture teacher is to realize the positive difference made in a students life. The 3-component model of agricultural education is incredibly designed to help make a positive difference. Mr. Bennett is truly making a difference in the Classroom, with Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE), and opportunities in FFA. Congratulations Mossy Creek Middle FFA for the success as State Winners and National competitors in the Conduct of Chapter meetings event. Thank You Mr. Justin Bennett for being a GREAT Ag Teacher.


  Karyn Chester  
  Camden County  
  Mrs. Chester is so supportive of her students at Camden County High School. When a new student moves in from Tennessee FFA and wants to fit into a new school, Mrs. Chester makes her welcome by including her in various Georgia FFA events. Kaitlyn was extremely involved in the FFA where she competed in a wide verity of CDEs. Mrs. Chester has allowed her to jump into the Camden County High School FFA chapter with both feet by not only competing in the Job Interview CDE but advancing to the Area CDE. She wants to also compete this year in the Agriculture Sales CDE and hopes to achieve her State FFA Degree. Georgia FFA welcomes you Kaitlyn and we look forward to a great senior year from you! THANK YOU Mrs. Chester for being a great FFA Advisor and Ag Teacher.


  Michael Gardner  
  The agricultural education class can be an exciting place. The opportunity for students to learn about advancements in agriculture begin in the AgEd classroom. Once students learn about agriculture by being enrolled in an agricultural education course, then they have the opportunity to experience great things in FFA. Mr. Gardner is not only a great classroom teacher, he is also an amazing FFA advisor.


  Tom Cranford  
  Dodge County  
  Agriculture Teachers make a tremendous investment in the lives of students. It is more than simply teaching class each day. Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success is the priority for all Ag Teachers and FFA Advisors. Mr. Tom Cranford is another great example of what it means to be an Agriculture Teacher.


  Ward Cole  
  Thomas County Central  
  Agriculture Teachers strive to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for PREMIER LEADERSHIP, PERSONAL GROWTH, and CAREER SUCCESS through agricultural education and FFA. Ward Cole at Thomas County Central High offers this opportunity to his students in the class/lab, in FFA activities, and with Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) outside of the school day. Thanks Mr. Cole!


  Scott Wheatley  
  Banks County High  
  Agriculture Teachers enjoy seeing student success. In the class, with a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) or leadership with FFA, Great Agriculture Teachers find ways to provide for students success. Mr. Wheatley at Banks County High School is an excellent example.


  Rick Burrell  
  Gray Station Middle  
  Never underestimate what an Agriculture Teacher can accomplish. Ag Teachers have to instruct, manage, orchestrate, motivate, initiate, and direct all of the agricultural education in their school. We are proud of Mr. Burrell as he does his part in providing the 3-component model of AgEd in such a way as to promote premier leadership.


  Shannon Danforth  
  Lanier County  
  Working with Agriculture Business and Industry is an important part of the work of an Ag Teacher. Mrs. Danforth has demonstrated that as she maintains an Industry Certified Program in the study area of Horticulture. Thank You Mrs. Danforth (center) for providing great opportunities for your students in Agricultural Education.


  Ruby McCracken Nelson McCracken  
  North Murray  
  What a great team of Agriculture Teachers they have at North Murray High School! This duo is providing one of the best AgEd programs for students as they are constantly recognized for incredible results. Keep up the great work Mr. & Mrs. McCracken.


  Marvin Kersey Don Crumpler  
  Tattnall County  
  An Agriculture Teachers work is never done. There is always a variety of things going on in agricultural education. Mr. Kersey and Mr. Crumpler spent many hours this past summer in the canning plant. Tattnall County residents are very fortunate to have a facility that allows preserving locally grown produce.


  Stacey Beacham  
  Colquitt County  
  While most teachers are returning to school from a "summer break" -- most Agriculture Teachers and FFA Advisors have been working all summer to support the 3-component model of agricultural education. Mr. Beacham of Colquitt County High School is a great example of a leader in agricultural education.


  Sarah Kane  
  Under the leadership of agriculture teacher and FFA Advisor, Sarah Nerswick, the Cambridge High School AgEd program experienced incredible success as a 1st year program. Cambridge High is in Fulton County and the school officials insured that a complete AgEd program was offered by including FFA and SAE as a must for this new program. Thank You Mrs. Nerswick for insuring the 3-component model of AgEd was a success. What a foundation you have established for this program!


  Jay Borden  
  Harris County  
  One of the most unique aspects of being an Agricultural Education teacher is the continuation of instruction afforded by serving as the FFA Advisor. Teaching Leadership, Citizenship, and Cooperation are all very important parts of the complete AgEd Program. Thank You Mr. Jay Borden for being a great Ag Teacher and FFA Advisor.


  Glen Gosier  
  Camden County  
  There is no greater experience for agricultural education students than when their agriculture teacher believes in them enough to prepare them for participation in an FFA Career Development Event (CDE). Mr. Gosier at Camden County High understands the value of the leadership skills developed when students enter a speaking competition. Thanks Mr. Gosier for providing these opportunities for your students.


  John Pettit  
  Union County  
  Working with School Administrators is critically important for any great agriculture teacher. If the school system administrators know and value the 3-component model of agricultural education, then it makes the entire program more successful. Mr. John Clark Pettit does a great job of engaging school officials and making them aware of the importance of classroom instruction in Agriculture, experiential learning with SAE, and leadership development through the FFA. You can't have one without the other.


  Kasey Jackson Reed Waldrep  
  West Laurens  
  Agriculture Teachers spend just as much time out of the classroom teaching and leading students as they do during the school day. Mrs. Jackson (left) and Mr. Waldrep (right) are two incredible agriculture teachers and FFA Advisors because they recognize the value of FFA and SAE in a complete AgEd Program. These students are fortunate to have such great Ag teachers.


  Quinton Hadsock  
  Lowndes County High  
  Delivering a complete Agricultural Education Program can be difficult for any Ag Teacher. Maintaining quality in all 3 components of the AgEd program including Classroom / Lab, FFA, and SAE is possible and teachers like Mr. Hadsock do it everyday. The great thing about Quinten Hadsock is that he is always smiling -- and that is one thing that makes the best teachers -- the best!


  Megan Handy  
  Heritage (Catoosa County)  
  It is such an incredible thing to witness when an Agriculture Teacher is providing amazing success in all three components of the agricultural education program. Ms. Megan Shearer is one of those incredible teachers that sets high expectations in the classroom/lab, with Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE), and with FFA participation.


  Lonnie Giddens  
  Wheeler County Middle  
  Great Ag Teachers are so valuable. They inspire all students. Mr. Giddens is one of those great Ag Teachers that help to create excitement for agricultural education and FFA. Wheeler County students have a greater appreciation for agriculture because of Mr. Lonnie Giddens. He is actively involved in one of the most noble professions that influences our two most valuable resources -- Our Agriculture and Our Future Leaders.


  Krista Morris  
  Brantley County Middle  
  It is always awesome to see a teacher that is passionate about providing student success. It is also a testimony to great teaching when students are motivated and prepared to excel in FFA Career Development Events. Dr. Krista Morris has a reputation for providing excellence in everything she does. Her work to motivate students and have them prepared for success is always great to witness. Thank You Dr. Morris for being the best at building the reputation for agricultural education.


  Anna Smith Nathan Heaton  
  Hart County High  
  When your school administrator (Dr. Mark Crenshaw - center) makes the trip with your FFA Chapter to an Area Career Development Events (CDE's) you know they support your program. Agriculture Teachers must maintain a complete program that makes our school system look good. Thanks Anna Smith (Hart Co. High) and Nathan Heaton (Hart Co. Middle) for creating support for Agricultural Education.


  Al Garner Barry Norris  
  Treutlen County  
  The agricultural education program in Georgia is fortunate to have an incredible state staff that works to support the local teacher and student. Mr. Barry Norris (near) provides assistance as the technical area teacher in Forestry. Mr. Al Garner utilizes this support to meet the needs of his students at Truetlen County High School. TEAMWORK is often rewarded with success.


  Chad Crews Richard Gill  
  Brantley County High  
  It is great to have Ag Teachers that LEAD by EXAMPLE. These two from Brantley County are some of the best examples. They maintain a high quality of performance in all three aspects of the AgEd model of instruction. Leaders in classroom instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experiences, and FFA -- Mr. Crews (right) and Mr. Gill (left) are true leaders in Georgia Agricultural Education.


  Willis Callaway  
  Heritage Middle  
  The really good middle school Agriculture Teachers encourage and motivate student involvement in the FFA. Mr. Callaway has great participation in the FFA because students get involved and interested by enrollment in an exploratory agriculture class. Mr. Callaway strives to provide meaningful opportunities for his students and makes sure that FFA is a vital part. Thank You Mr. Callaway for allowing student involvement in FFA.


  Bill Waldrep  
  Mary Persons  
  The mark of a GREAT agricultural education teacher is when you see all three components of an agricultural education program being conducted at a very high level of success. Mr. Bill Waldrep is a great classroom teacher. His students enjoy coming to his class. Mr. Waldrep always has students succeed with a variety of Supervised Ag Experiences (SAE), and just take a look at his FFA chapter success in any given year! Mr. Bill Waldrep is definitely one of the best in Georgia and the United States of America!


  Dennis Kendrick  
  Turner County  
  The agricultural education program in Turner County is fortunate to have Mr. Kendrick as the Young Farmer Agriculture Teacher. His dedication to the overall success of the AgEd program makes sure all three components of the AgEd model of instruction are being implemented in a way that exceeds the standards. It is great to see how a Young Farmer teacher can support and enhance the overall AgEd program by keeping focus on the classroom / Lab instruction, the Supervised Ag Experiences (SAE) for students, and leadership in FFA.


  David Bushey Paul Little  
  Gilmer County  
  Mr. Little (left) and Mr. Bushey (right) both work to keep the Gilmer County Agricultural Education Program among the best in the state. With student success in all aspects of the AgEd model of instruction, the Gilmer County Agricultural Education is a great example for providing students with Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success opportunities.


  Doyle Floyd  
  Bleckley County  
  An agricultural education teacher is someone that can get it done! No matter if the topic is horticulture / plant science, agriculture mechanics, or animal science -- Ag Teachers can simply get it done. Mr. Doyle Floyd can take agriculture mechanics projects built by students to hang poultry carcasses, so grading in poultry judging occurs in the school greenhouse. This FFA advisor can do it all!


  Beth Golden  
  Eighth Street Middle  
  In Tift County, Beth Golden covers SAEs in detail the first few days of each semester. She ensures that all students have a good SAE with SMART Goals set for themselves. The Eighth Street Middle School agricultural education program is fortunate to have an agriculture teacher that values and promotes all three components of the AgEd model of Instruction.


  Chuck Williams  
  Agricultural Education classes at Ringgold High School are always informative with Mr. Williams encouraging student success. There are plenty of opportunities for students to see how the 3-component model of instruction works as Mr. Williams encourages Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE) and FFA involvement as a normal part of the class and lab activities. Students enrolled in an agriculture class gets the full benefit of a complete AgEd program.


  Myria Shipman  
  Islands High  
  The 3 component model of Agricultural Education is vital for success in the program. With a unique focus on Veterinary Science, the students at Islands High still get the benefit of all aspects of the AgEd program by incorporating FFA and SAE activities into the Vet. Science curriculum. Thank You Mrs. Shipman for being the best for your students and for making learning in agriculture FUN.


  Robbie Harrison  
  Thomas County Central  
  Mrs. Robbie Harrison at Thomas County Central uses all forms of teaching to meet the needs of her students. She recognized the value of the 3 component model of instruction and insures that FFA and SAE are also an integral part of the daily lessons.


  Nelson McCracken  
  Bagley Middle  
  Quality instruction in all phases of an agricultural education program can make a positive difference in the lives of students. Mr. McCracken never misses a chance to make that positive difference for students. Classroom instruction, Supervised Agricultural Experiences, and Premier Leadership in FFA make up all components of a quality agriculture education program.


  Jody Cravey  
  Dodge County Middle  
  The stability of the 3-component model of agricultural education is having great classroom teachers. The FFA and SAE components will usually be a true reflection of great teaching and instruction. Mrs. Cravey at Dodge County Middle School is a great teacher that provides the solid instruction in the classroom and lab. She also provided many great opportunities for students with FFA and SAE. Thank You Mrs. Cravey!


  Jeci Bohannon  
  Liberty County  
  Jeci Bohannon is in her seventh year in her home school of Liberty County High and is teaching the total AG ED Program daily! The FFA members learn hands-on in the classroom/lab, with their SAEs and through the FFA. Thank You Mrs. Bohannon for being a focused Ag Teacher that adheres to the complete AgEd model of instruction.


  Sara Hughes  
  Oglethorpe County Middle  
  The IMPACT of an agriculture teacher goes on forever! Mrs. Sara Hughes is now making a position difference for students at Oglethorpe County Middle School, but several years ago she started the program at Athens Christian with a charter member named Abbey Gretsch. As an agriculture teacher, you never know what a tremendous impact you can potential have on students. Thanks Mrs. Hughes, for making a positive impact.


  Kyle Harris  
  East Laurens  
  There is great opportunity for all students in agricultural education. East Laurens High School Agriculture Teacher, Mr. Kyle Harris (pictured right) is providing many of those opportunities for his students. With the 3-component model of AgEd -- instruction and student learning is not limited to a traditional classroom setting.


  Michael Kirkland  
  Wayne County  
  Wayne County FFA students are getting a reputation for excellence at Area, State, and National participation. The results of great work in the agricultural education class. Mr. Kirkland must be an awesome classroom teacher and obviously believes in the 3 -component model of agricultural education.


  Becky Forrester  
  Gordon Lee  
  Area 1 President Dalton Green and his Agriculture Teacher at Gordon Lee High School are making a big impact on the Georgia Agricultural Education Program with great leadership and chapter success. The growth of our local chapters is always fun to watch. Thank You Mrs. Forrester for providing great opportunities to your students.


  Josh Rabalais  
  Upson Lee High  
  Have you ever heard the expression - "the future is so bright, I have to wear shades"? This is certainly true for one of Georgia's Central Region Ag Teachers. Mr. Rabalais is working hard to insure that Upson Lee High School FFA is among the best. We believe they have a very bright future.


  Jerry Stone  
  Thomas County Central  
  Students at Thomas County Central High School have an outstanding opportunity to learn from one of the best regarding Forestry and Natural Resources. Mr. Jerry Stone (pictured at the far left) is very knowledgeable on tree ID and Forestry related skills.


  Jordyn Cockburn  
  Lakeview Ft Oglethorpe  
  The students at Lakeview Ft Oglethorpe High School enjoy the opportunities provided by Agricultural Education and FFA to experience real life, Hands-On learning. Ms. Ventura believes in her students and in the FFA motto which begins with "Learning to Do..."


  Jonathan Hardeman  
  Montgomery County  
  Some teachers TEACH. Some teachers set an EXAMPLE. Some teachers MOTIVATE. Some teachers INSPIRE. Mr. Hardeman at Montgomery County is an Agriculture Teacher that does it all! Thank You Mr. Hardeman for being a positive example of a great Ag Teacher.


  Van Mills Jim Galvin  
  Appling County High  
  Ag Teacher Van Mills (right) and Young Farmer Ag Teacher Jim Galvin (left) work to keep the Appling County High School Agricultural Education Program viable and relevant to meet the needs of the community. The work of these two veteran teachers make the Georgia Agricultural Education program proud!


  Malone Harrell  
  Lumpkin County  
  The Lumpkin County Agricultural Education Program is working to expand under the leadership of Ms. Harrell. Great things are sure to happen whenever there is a will to grow and succeed. Support from the local school administrators, parents, and community members is critically important to the success of our AgEd programs.


  Bradley Hall  
  During the summer, Mr. Hall took time to attend professional development training provided by the agricultural education state staff. The woodworking clinic will have a positive impact on his students at Claxton High School as he works with them this year.


  Eric Dixon  
  Crisp County High  
  Mr. Eric Dixon and his students at Crisp Co. High started the school year off right by learning all about FFA. Students enrolled in an agriculture course get to experience the benefits of the FFA.


  Todd Dobson  
  Pickens County Middle  
  Another one of the great Georgia Ag Teachers that is often a source of sound advice. Thank You Mr. Todd Dobson (left) for your leadership. Pickens County is fortunate to have such a great role model.


  James Judson  
  Feagin Mill Middle  
  James started the school year by providing professional development for all the teachers at his school on how AgEd can help students in all other academic classes. Keep up the great work Mr. Judson.


  Dusty Smith Wes Pace Holly Garcia  
  Seminole County FFA  
  Good luck as you start your new school year. Expect great things this year!



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