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  ENR Update 2019
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2019 ENR State Team Activity Resources      

2019 ENR Ecosystems Team Activity Tip Sheet

Participants may be asked to utilize a global positioning system (GPS) unit (supplied by the team) to complete one or more of the following:

Use GPS unit to identify coordinates of various locations utilizing various coordinate systems and datums.

Use GPS unit to identify boundaries of a given area including calculation of land area and perimeter of boundary. (Note: Relative area/perimeter formulas may be provided by event staff.)

Identify Plants & Animals 

-Role in Ecosystem
-Trophic Value
-Contribution to Food Webs
-Energy Flow
-Nutrient Cycle


-Natural Cycles
-Natural Processes

Show Technical Skill in Forestry & Wildlife

Whitetail Deer
Timber Cruising

*Please see additional Resource Files

ENR Team Activity Refrence Deer Jaw Aging.pdf

 ENR Team Activity Refrence PrescribedFireinSouthernEcosystems.pdf

ENR Team Activity Refrence.pdf

ENR Team Activity Timber Cruising Refrence.pdf

Items to bring:

flashlights            Biltmore Stick                                    GPS Units            clipboards          

#2 pencils            dress for outdoor weather

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