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2021 Theme Soil      

Senior (Region Team Activity Study Chapters)
Senior (State Written Test Study Chapters)

Managing Our Natural Resources, 6th Edition, William G. Camp/ Betty Heath-Camp

2021-2022 Soils

Soils Chapters
4 Soil
5 Soil Erosion
6 Controlling Erosion on the Farm
7 Nonfarm Erosion Control
8 Rangeland Management

Junior (State Team Activity Study Material)

Soils Lessons

AG-NR-03.411-04.1 Importance of Soil.doc

AG-NR-03.411-04.2 Physical Properties of Soil (1).doc

AG-NR-03.411-04.4 Appraising Environmental Impact (1).doc

2021 ENR State Team Activity Resources      


2021 ENR Soil Team Activity Resources

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