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  North Region Area Officers
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Area 1 Officers      

(Top L to R)

Parker Fleming, Preston Nave, Brooklyn Carr, Cody Byess,
 Taylor Dyer

(Bottom L to R)

Adella Lonas, 
Emma Long, 
Bethany Champion

President: Emma Long
Vice President: Adella Lonas
Secretary: Cody Byess
Treasurer: Brooklyn Carr
Reporter: Taylor Dyer
Sentinel: Preston Nave
Jr. Representative: Parker Fleming
Jr. Representative: Bethany Champion

Area 2 Officers      

(Top L to R)
Payton Jackson, Emma Ollis, Jessica Brogdon, Savannah Page, Noel Plunkett

(Bottom L to R) 
Cale Howington, Kylie Whitworth, Tanner Graves
President: Kylie Whitworth
Vice President: Payton Jackson
Secretary: Cale Howington
Treasurer: Tanner Graves
Reporter: Noel Plunkett
Sentinel: Jessica Brogdon
Jr. Representative: Emma Ollis
Jr. Representative: Savannah Page

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