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  2020-2021 State Ag Ed Calendar    
  Posted 1/24/2020 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Plans are well under way for the 2020-2021 Georgia Ag Ed Calendar.  Be sure to check your region dates as you plan for your 2020-2021 school year. 

  Carver Middle Ag Ed & North Oconee receives Walton EMC School EmPOWERment Grants    
  Posted 1/9/2020 by Georgia Ag Ed  
Congratulations to Carver Middle School Ag Ed who received $20,000 and North Oconee Ag Ed who received $29,100 for animal science facilities through the Walton EMC School EmPOWERment Grants

  Georgia Association for Conservation Districts Scholarship    
  Posted 11/21/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Association of Conservation Districts Scholarship To encourage study and careers in soil and water conservation related fields, GACD administers one $1,500 scholarship each year. The scholarship is given to students majoring in, or intending to major in, a soil and water conservation related area.  Acceptable areas of study include, but are not limited to agricultural education, agronomy, horticulture, plant pathology, and agricultural communications.  

  Dr. James Woodard named Director Director of Agricultural Education    
  Posted 11/19/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  

Dr. James Woodard named Director  Director of Agricultural Education, FFA Board Chair & National FFA Advisor; Cheryl Zimmermann named Executive Secretary. Congratulations Dr. Woodard & Mrs. Zimmermann!

  Malcom Bridge Middle FFA featured on RFDTV chapter spotlight    
  Posted 10/29/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Malcom Bridge Middle FFA was featured last weekend on the @OfficialRFDTV ‘This Weekend In Agribusiness’ broadcast. Pan over to ‘Part 6’ minute 2:00 to view the FFA Chapter Tribute’.  

  Incorporating SAE in Your Program | Jillian Bryant - Clarke Central FFA    
  Posted 8/16/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  

Incorporating SAE in Your Program | Jillian Gordon from National FFA Organization on Vimeo.


  Vernonica Sanders, Warner Robins Ag teacher recognized as "Hidden Hero" by Macon Telegraph    
  Posted 8/16/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  Horticulture exhibits & events at the Georgia National Fair    
  Posted 8/7/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  It is time to start planning for the Georgia National Fair in Perry. Entering projects into the Georgia National Fair is a great way to meet the SAE part of our standards. There is a lot available for your horticulture students at the fair. An incentive for your students is this is a great chance for them to win some individual prize money.  

  Elementary & Middle school standards approved    
  Posted 6/21/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Ag Ed Elementary Standards & revised Middle School Ag Ed standards were approved at the June 2019 State Board of Education Meeting.  Georgia currently has 20 schools enrolled in the Ag Ed Elementary Pilot Program, which begins the Fall 2019.  Georgia currently has 109 middle school Ag Ed programs, with over 33,000 students enrolled in middle grades agricultural education.    

  Central Region Market Goat Shootout    
  Posted 5/21/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Please mark your calendars and get your students registered for the 7th Annual Central Region ShootOut Goat Show to be held in the New South Arena at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. You can weigh in Friday night from 6-8 or come Saturday Morning, Show starts at 10 with Pre-k and Kindergarten Showmanship then goes up grades followed by does and wethers.  Registration is due June 28th. Your are guaranteed to WIN your entry fee back if you show!!! No other show like it.  

  Middle School Ag Ed Standards for Public Review    
  Posted 5/14/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Middle School Ag Ed course standards haven't been revised since 2009.  A working committee including current Ag Ed teachers, post secondary teachers & industry members reviewed and revised the Middle School Ag Ed Standards.  Please take a minute to review each grade level standards for Ag Ed and complete a quick survey  

  Elementary Ag Ed Standards for Public Review    
  Posted 5/14/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Department of Education has 19 schools who have joined the Pilot Elementary Agricultural Education program.  These schools will begin implementing this program in Fall 2019.  Please take a minute to review proposed courses elementary agricultural education standards of excellence and complete a quick survey for each grade level.   

  Attention CTAE Directors~Budget Request for Georgia Ag Ed Programs    
  Posted 3/6/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Please click here for FY20 Budget Request Instructions. Due April 3rd!  

  Georgia Ag Ed State Staff - Position Announcement - CLOSED 03/22/2019    
  Posted 2/28/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia Agricultural Education Program is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Animal Science Area Teacher in the South Region Agricultural Education Office. Please contact Stacey Beacham
South Region Agricultural Education Region Director, for more information.

  Georgia Ag Ed State Staff - Position Announcement - CLOSED 02/28/2019    
  Posted 2/4/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia Agricultural Education Program is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Agricultural Education Adult Education Program Coordinator. Please contact Billy Hughes, State Program Manager, for more information.  

  2019-2020 Georgia Ag Ed State Calendar    
  Posted 1/28/2019 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The 2019-2020 Georgia Ag Ed State Calendar is now available for review.  Please contact your Region office if you have any questions.  Printed calendars will be available at Summer GVATA Conference.    

  Central Region Shootout (Market Goat Show)    
  Posted 6/8/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Don't miss the Central Region Shootout! This year's show will be held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter on July 7th.  Entries are due: June 28th.    

  Georgia Senate Bill 330    
  Posted 5/1/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
Governor Deal signed SB 330 during the 90th Ga FFA Convention! The Ga DOE Ag Ed Staff will send out more information regarding the criteria & application process. Local School Systems interested in implementing one of the pilot programs for elementary school agricultural education is encouraged to contact Mr. BridgesMr. CorzineMr. Mitchell or Mr. Tucker.  The applications will be made available prior to June 1st with an expected deadline for LEA completion by June 30th, 2018.

  Agriculture Awareness Week in Georgia    
  Posted 3/19/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia Department of Agriculture is celebrating the second annual Agriculture Awareness Week in Georgia, March 19-23, 2018. There will be a themed event each day of the week, all designed to better communicate the important role agriculture contributes to our daily lives, while allowing more involvement from our agricultural partners. We encourage you to get involved in your communities and schools to spread the word, share your knowledge and help us promote Georgia's #1 industry-- agriculture.  

  Georgia FFA is off to a great start for 2018    
  Posted 3/1/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  With so many CDE'S, Proficiency Applications, and Degree Awards to think about this time of year, perhaps it is a good time to be reminded how Georgia AgEd students compare Nationally. 2018 should be another great year.

  Attention CTAE Directors~Budget Request for Georgia Ag Ed Programs    
  Posted 2/28/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Please click here for FY19 Budget Request Instructions.  Due April 3rd!  

  Livestock numbers by species    
  Posted 2/27/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  During the past 12 years thousands of Students have exhibited thousands of livestock projects. Congratulations to all the exhibitors who competed during the 2017-2018 Georgia Junior National Livestock Show season.

  Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) is an essential component of Ag Education    
  Posted 2/16/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia AgEd students have the benefit of conducting a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) thanks to the Agriculture Teacher commitment to the 3-component model of instruction. This actually does apply academics for students.

  What is your passion in Ag Ed & FFA?    
  Posted 1/24/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The data shows that female AgEd students excel in leadership related FFA events. Male students are excellent in proficiency related FFA events. AgEd & FFA has something to offer ALL students that enroll in AG Class.

  Come Grow with Georgia Ag Ed    
  Posted 1/22/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia Department of Education operates the middle school & high school Agricultural Education Program which has shown tremendous growth in recent years - which is good because in agriculture, we like to grow things!

  2018-2019 Georgia Agricultural Education State Calendar    
  Posted 1/16/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  Georgia Ag Ed: CDEs equal employability skills    
  Posted 1/10/2018 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  There is no greater opportunity for development of employability skills than student participation in AgEd/FFA Career Development Events. These will be even greater in 2018!

  Georgia Ag Ed: Growing Strong    
  Posted 12/13/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  In Agriculture, we like to GROW things. Georgia AgEd and FFA continues to grow with tremendous support from many people.

  Great speech by the 2017 Southeastern Farmer of the Year    
  Posted 10/18/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  South Region Rally Postponed to September 20th    
  Posted 9/8/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  
The South Region Rally has been postponed due to factors associated with Hurricane Irma.  We plan to rally the South Region FFA members together at the GMA with the same schedule for the day's events on September 20th. We have been looking forward to the rally as I know many of your FFA members have as well. This is only a delay in the hopefully fun and exciting day that is planned for the members of the South Region FFA.  Please contact the South Region Ag Ed office with questions. 

  2017 Georgia Junior Beef Futurity - Entry Deadline June 16th    
  Posted 6/6/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia Junior Beef Futurity is scheduled for July 13-15, 2017 in Perry, GA at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter.  This show is open to any 4-H & FFA exhibitor.  Entries due: June 16, 2017.  

  Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Programs in Georgia    
  Posted 4/20/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  Budget Request for Ag Ed Programs 2017-2018 (FY18)    
  Posted 3/1/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Attention Local CTAE Directors / Supervisors!
Please click here for the FY18 Budget Request Instructions.
DUE APRIL 1st, 2017

  Who's Joining The Georgia Ag Ed Team??    
  Posted 1/18/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  2017-2018 Georgia Agricultural Education Calendar    
  Posted 1/18/2017 by Georgia Ag Ed  

  Check out new resources on AgExplorer!    
  Posted 9/2/2016 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The National FFA Organization, Discovery Education & partnered to create AgExplorer, a new career exploration website that is a robust, comprehensive career resource to help students explore the broad range of careers in agriculture. Users can learn about 235 unique careers in agriculture, search for careers, access educational requirements & link to current job openings. It also offers the Career Finder, an interactive assessment designed to help students match careers with their interests.  

  BUDGET REQUEST for AgEd programs 2016-2017 (FY17)    
  Posted 2/29/2016 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Attention Local CTAE Directors / Supervisors!
Please click here for the FY17 Budget Request Instructions.
DUE APRIL 1st, 2016

  Hall of Georgia at FFA Career Show    
  Posted 1/20/2016 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Don't miss this fun opportunity to showcase Gerogia agriculture and compete for a trip to National FFA Convention in the Hall of Georgia Exhibit!  The top 3 finalists are announced at the Career Show and the winner is is announced on stage during Friday's session.  Entry forms due by March 15th.  Contact Casey Shumate at 478-662-4692 or with any questions.    

  Georgia FFA Career & Trade Show registration now open!    
  Posted 1/11/2016 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Georgia FFA Association will host the 16th Annual Career and Trade Show during the State FFA Convention. With over 50 vendors, there is sure to be something for everyone! Vendors include colleges and universities from all over Georgia, professional associations, and Agricultural Education relelated businesses. In addition to the exhibits, students and advisors can enjoy participating in different hands-on activities and listening to the talent show contestants!  

  NAAE Greenhouse Construction/Improvement Grants -- Apply by January 15th    
  Posted 1/4/2016 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  NAAE is excited to announce that it is now accepting applications from members who are seeking to implement a greenhouse construction or enhancement project for their middle school or high school agricultural education program. In 2015-2016 school year, two $2,000 competitive grants will be awarded by NAAE and sponsored by International Greenhouse Company as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. For the application and complete details, visit website.  

  Smith-Hughes Act 100th Anniversary Logo Design Contest    
  Posted 11/16/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  In preparation for the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Smith-Hughes Act, the National Council for Agricultural Education is announcing a logo design contest. This contest is open to students currently enrolled in K-12 and post-secondary agricultural education and related programs (e.g. agricultural communications, agricultural leadership) with cash prizes provided for the top three designs ($500, $300, & $200). All submissions are due by December 1st. Click here for full contest rules and guidelines.  

  Scholarship Application is Live, $2.2 Million Available    
  Posted 11/16/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  National FFA 2016 Scholarship application is now live! Encourage all students to apply; there is a member and non-member application. Students fill out one application to engage in multiple opportunities. The advisor approval process will begin Monday, November 23. Visit for more details and the application.  

  #SpeakAg Challenge Teacher Incentive    
  Posted 10/26/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Agriculture teachers/FFA advisors play an integral role in empowering students to advocate for agriculture & FFA. The #SpeakAg Challenge is often promoted in the classroom, & we want to provide incentive for ag teachers/FFA advisors to use #SpeakAg as a catalyst to teach skills in ag advocacy. One teacher and FFA advisor from each national FFA region will be awarded a $1,000 unrestricted grant upon completion of the #SpeakAg Challenge in October. To find out more about how you can enter, visit  

  Teacher Information Survey    
  Posted 7/20/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Teachers, please choose your region link below to complete 2015-2016 Teacher Information document. The information requested will better help us to serve you throughout the 2015-2016 school year. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out the on-line information survey. Please contact your Region office with questions.      Central Region          North Region           South Region  

  National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Crew    
  Posted 7/14/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The National FFA Organization is looking for college students or recent college graduates pursuing degrees in journalism, public relations or a closely related field to share the news and feature stories coming from the 88th National FFA Convention & Expo, October 28-31, 2015 in Louisville, Ky. To apply, visit, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on Careers at FFA. Click on Available Jobs and look for the Newsroom Crew Interns – 2015 National Convention & Expo link. The deadline is July 17.  

  BullDawg Livestock Judging Clinic    
  Posted 7/13/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Monday, July 13th is the deadline to sign up for the BullDawg Livestock Judging Clinic.  The clinic is scheduled for July 22 & 23 at the Perry FFA Farm. Please contact Mr. Kent Benson  at 706-552-4463 or Mr. Jary Douglas at 706-583-8921 with questions.    

  Free Horticulture Magazines for the Classroom    
  Posted 7/13/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
If your looking for great horticulture magazines to have in your classroom here are 3 excellent ones that are FREE for teachers. This is a great way to keep your students up to date on industry standards.  One magazine subscription is also required for those of you planning to go through horticulture industry certification. (Thank you to Melissa Riley for sharing this information).  Greenhouse Management (GIE Media, Inc)Grower Talks (Ball Publishing), and Greenhouse Grower (Meister Media).

  Governor's Honors Program Agriscience Majors AgChallenge    
  Posted 7/13/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  The Governor's Honors Program Agriscience majors invite you to attend AgChallenge on July 16, 2015 at 3:30 p.m. at Valdosta State University's, University Center.  Please contact Laura Williford or Ashton Kate Jones with questions.    

  Georgia Junior Beef Futurity - Entry Postmark Deadline June 10th    
  Posted 6/9/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Georgia Junior Beef Futurity entry deadline is June 10th!  

  Attention Ag Communications Students in College or Recently Graduated!    
  Posted 6/9/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Do you know an amazing ag communicator who wants hands-on experience in the communications field? The National FFA Organization is looking for college students or recent college graduates pursuing degrees in journalism, public relations, telecommunications or a closely related field to share with the world the news and feature stories coming out of the 88th National FFA Convention & Expo October 28-31, 2015, in Louisville, Ky. Visit here to apply. The deadline is July 17.  

  Two Weeks Left to Apply for a Living to Serve: Environmental Grant!    
  Posted 5/18/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Middle school, high school and collegiate FFA chapters may apply for up to $2,000 to support year-long service-learning projects focused on projects that address local environmental needs. Potential projects include: wildlife conservation, land preservation, bee health, recycling and composting. Go to to apply today. Applications are due May 29, 2015. You may contact Kayla Lumpford-Mitchell at with any questions.  

  Free Teaching Resources Now Available on    
  Posted 5/5/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  My Journey on has been updated!  Check out all the tools, tips and lesson plans. Need a quick natural resources activity or a career activity?  Then look for these lessons and more on Explore. What about a literacy strategy that can be used with any lesson or a video & worksheet to help students in an interview? Take a look at these activities on Build. Need a quick activity on texting etiquette? Check out this lesson and more on the Connect  

  FY16 USDA Farm to School Grant RFA was been RELEASED    
  Posted 3/24/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  USDA Farm to School is currently accepting applications for the next round of USDA farm to school grants. The application deadline is May 20, 2015 for planning, implementation and support service grant applications. Training grant letters of inquiry are due April 30, 2015. (There is a webinar on March 25th at 1 pm EST to learn more.) For more information please see:

  Georgia DOE and Ga Dept of Ag to Celebrate National Agriculture Week    
  Posted 3/9/2015 by Georgia Ag Ed  
  Richard Woods, Georgia's School Superintendent announced, Monday, Mar 2nd that the Ga Department of Education and Ga Department of Agriculture will celebrate National Agriculture Week, Mar 15-21, 2015; in addition to the Governor's Ag Day on Mar 10th. GaDOE and the GaDOA will hold an essay contest, poster contest, and coloring contest. All entries should focus on the 2015 theme, “Agriculture in my county & state: What does agriculture do for me?” Entries are due no later than Friday, April 3.  

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